5 Destructive Money Myths by Juliana Park

Juliana Park featured in YoPro Wealth

5 Destructive Money Myths Holding You Back on YoPro Wealth “Wealth, when you break it down, comes down to some fundamental elements. It is pretty simple. It’s definitely not always easy, but the wealthy will tell you that, at the hear of it, it is simple. The problem, however, is that we make it harder...

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Juliana Park Money Myths

Money Misconceptions for Young Professionals

A common misconception I see people have about money is: “I will never be rich.” This self-limiting belief keeps them stuck in what I call “The Scarcity Loop.” Fear of not having enough money causes anxiety and when your brain is riddled with anxiety, you make poor choices such as not contributing to your 401K...

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Join me on Pinterest: Overwhelmed by Gratitude!

The Abundance Loop movement is growing! I turned in my manuscript this week and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to write this book, the amazing people in my life, and, of course, the opportunity to actually relax a little bit now that my book is submitted. Ahhhhh. GRATITUDE is so essential to attracting abundance...

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Abundance Stones Juliana Park

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Conscious Wealth Collaborative brings together different voices on the topic of building wealth and abundance. No one achieves success alone. Together, we can co-create an abundant world. For more information on joining a newly forming Conscious Wealth Collaborative, please email jp@julianapark.com or subscribe to my Conscious Wealth newsletter.

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