Happy New Year!

What a great time for R & R…&R: Reflect, Release, and Rejoice!


Take a moment and reflect on 2015. Who have you met, where have you been, and what have you done?

Look through photos on your phone, or your Facebook timeline, your calendar or simply jog your memory bank and savor the many precious moments that you experienced throughout the year.

I’m thrilled that my book was published by Hay House. I held this dream for many years and I’m deeply grateful that my message about manifesting abundance is now available to share with the world.

The book has paved the way for me to meet new people.


Let go of what no longer serves you.
During your time of reflection, you may have thought about some “mistakes” you made. However, everything we do is a learning opportunity and frankly the “failures” teach us more than our “successes”.

Can you let go of the shame, guilt, disappointment, and regret and simply acknowledge the experience as a gift that sharpened your discernment?

Whether it was a relationship, a job, or financial investment that didn’t go the way you would’ve wanted, think about what you’ve learned and move on with gratitude and confidence that you will make better choices in the future because of it.

Personally, I’m letting go of the fear of needing people’s approval. This is a hard one because I’m so wired to please others. But to truly build up my own well of resources, financial and emotional, I need to focus on what is right for ME. As long as I align with my highest self and make decisions from love and gratitude, I create more abundance for all.


Now that you’ve reflected and released, it’s time to rejoice!
Celebrate the new year. Celebrate the new you.
Set the intention for a fabulous 2016 by focusing on what activities and which people delight you.
Rejoice in who you are.
Rejoice in all that you had, all that you have, and all that is yet to come.
Rejoice in your abundance!

Happy New Year!


The Abundance Loop by Juliana Park - SmallFor more practical tips to creating an abundant life, get or give your copy of The Abundance Loop: 8 Steps to Manifest Conscious Wealth by Juliana Park.

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