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The Abundance Loop movement is growing! I turned in my manuscript this week and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to write this book, the amazing people in my life, and, of course, the opportunity to actually relax a little bit now that my book is submitted. Ahhhhh.

GRATITUDE is so essential to attracting abundance and living a peaceful life. I want to invite YOU to join my board “Overwhelmed by Gratitude” on Pinterest and share what makes you grateful. Tap into that joy that comes from being authentically thankful for all the abundance in your life!

I think Pinterest is such an amazing tool for becoming inspired and connecting with other passionate people. There is so much art, talent, and beauty to see if you have just a few minutes to browse. I always walk away from a Pinterest session feeling deep admiration and excitement for all that is possible.

Do you love Pinterest too? Follow my boards, or leave a comment with your username or a link to your favorite board, and I’ll follow you!

With love and abundance,


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